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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bunny Invasion 2

This is honestly one of the best games I have yet seen over at Kongregate. For this reason, I wouldn't post the hack for this game, all you cheaters out there: take your time and work for this one at least. :-)

A walkthrough wouldn't hurt though. ;-)

Now the first 5-6 vawes are quite easy, all you need to do is keep whacking them bunnies, until you've got enough money to purchase the 'Assistant' upgrade, after which you will have the Landlord fighting alongside with you. My strategy was that I have purchased the Assistand upgrades up to the 3rd level, where he's already whacking the bunnies with an SMG. Bunnies will most likely do some damage to the pub, so don't waste money on upgrading the default gun.

After you've purchased the 3rd level upgrade for the assistant, start saving up for your own SMG. Once you got it, you should pay for the 'Scavengers' upgrade and max it out asap, so that money will be generated at a faster rate. After this is maxed, you should buy yourself an SMG and start upgrading it. The first upgrade you max out should be the reload time and then you can move onto the others. Do not forget to buy ammunition, as if it runs out, then you'll be in trouble. Although by following this guide, you should be able to play through the entire game without a single save, you might wanna take advantage of that feature. ;-)

Once you got your SMG maxed out, you can start with the other upgrades, especially with the 'Fortify' one, as bunnies are getting increasingly tough by now. Buy all the other upgrades, except for the level 4 assistant upgrade. The reason why you shouldn't buy it is because it would upgrade the Landlord's weapon to a shotgun, which basically renders him pretty much useless...

Once you are done with all the other upgrades, start saving up cash for the Minigun. It shouldn't take long and keep in mind that ammunition for the Minigun is quite expensive, so buy it only when you get like 70-75k. After the following waves, upgrade the Minigun to level 3 and there you go, it would be pretty much straightforward from this point.

Do not forget that instead of reloading, the Minigun overheats. You can, though, keep almost constantly shooting, if you are pressing the mouse button as if you were to shoot with your default gun, the Pistol. This way, you can maintain an almost constant firing, whacking pretty much everything on the screen instantly, but your gun wouldn't overheat.

A few tips:

- do not forget to repair the building after each turn if it's damaged
- if there are mechanical bunnies incoming (like the tank or the flying ones),
shoot them first, as they do massive damage to the building
- do not bother buying other weapons, than the ones pointed out in above walkthrough
- for the last level (the Bunny Queen, wave 60), do not bother buying grenades or
the grenade launcher, just keep shooting its' head with your Minigun

I hope this helps you if you couldn't complete the game.



  1. WRONG wave 13 with a crap gun and an assistant upgraded to level 2 won't do shit. You'll fail every time if you don't buy wep upgrades for yourself.

  2. thanks this worked but u suck

    TOO MANY BUNNIES BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u still suck

  4. If you can't make it this way, well, then you are lacking the skills, which means that it is eventually YOU who suck, at life as well. :-)

  5. How do you use scavengers?

  6. wow u dont know to use scavengers

  7. this game is hard

  8. nahh its reallly easy i completed it with the started gun and 58 grenades and scavengers and an assistant with an smg lol

  9. this game is easy peasy it is so easy a toddler could play it

  10. Dude. You dont do that, thats how you die. What you want to do is Upgrade your colt to the max, that will get you by till the 27th wave. Get the assistant after getting the scavangers and builders. You should be on wave 13 by now. Thats when you get the tec-9. Upgrade its reload time first, so you will survive easier. Then damage, then clip size. By wave 9 you should have at least thrown 10 grenades. For the kaboom trphy. At wave 15 you should be getting cash, so buy the aids, and if you can, my the mytosis so you can kill bunnies easier. If you stil can buy an upgrade, make it the scavangers upgrade. On wave 5 fortify the pub once. (Heh sorry if im not doing this in order.)
    By now your assistant should have the tec-9. If not, then your pub has been fortified twic. Keep up the stock on ammo. How I did it was buying the upgrades I could, then buying grenades. Then whatever cash I had left. (Usually around 200 or 300) I spend it on ammo.
    Here are boss tips.
    Boss 1: Magic Bunny. He has a shield immune to bullets. He shoots fire balls, shoot at those to make it go at him, to bring his shield down. If you have grenades, throw them while shooting to get maximum damage.
    Boss 2: Tank bunny. You will have 5 grenades given to you. Make sure you have at least 10 grenades of some sort. Throw one at a time so he will show his face. Shoot at him with your most powerful gun (Tec-9. Dont buy any more weapons after tec 9 till wave 49.) And shoot at him. Repeat process till he is dead.

    Final boss: Queen rabbit. This one you will be alone. There will not be an assistant. By now you should have a maxed out ak-47. Make sure you stock up on grenades for this bunny. Throw and shoot at the same time. (Like in wave 20. This should also get you the kaboom trophy.) And if you dont have the maxed out builders on this boss, it wont matter if you did. Kill her or she will get to your pub and you will die. And that is bad. Dying is bad. Once you have killed her you will have won. And you will be able to skip waves. Make sure to buy all the weapons. Max out everything too. Throw lots of grenades. Kill lots of bunnies. Thats how you get 100% game completion. If your waiting for the two and a half hour addiction trophy, play something else in a new tab.

  11. bunny aids is funny ass hell lmfao