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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Beginning

Flash games are becoming extremely popular these days, as they are provided at no cost to the end-user (you) and are mostly very simple to understand and relatively easy to master.
However, some of you might feel frustrated that you suck in a certain game - this is why I have decided to create this blog. Unless you are an addict, you will always find a game, that is simply impossible for you to beat. Actually, even addicts may run into games that they find extremely difficult to beat.

Whether it is for badges (like at Kongregate and other websites), or simply to get over your frustration and have a peaceful night (when you aren't thinking about how to beat that game), you will find the posts on this blog very useful when trying to beat the most popular flash games on the web.

Initially, commenting will be allowed for every post that I make, but if it is going to be abused, I will simply disable it, as I have no time for moderation... Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome, as well as requests as to what flash games do you think I should be making a walkthrough for.

Stay tuned, I'll be soon back!