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Monday, March 2, 2009

Battalion: Nemesis

It's an RTS game and an entertaining one. Although graphics are quite simple (of course, you can't expect graphic detail of, say, Red Alert 3 in a flash game ;) ) and there isn't much funcionality in the game, I think it is a really fun game.

There are a few badges and two challenges as well, one of them is an entry for a sweepstake. Now getting the challenges and the first two badges are easy enough, though the hard badge could take quite some time. Current badges are:

The video on how to cheat is at the bottom of this post. Note, that cheating is only possible with the money (or at least as far as I know), but that should be more than enough... If your enemy can not repair nad/or make new units, it should be an easy go. Have fun!

Battalion: Nemesis cheat

Globetrotter XL

It's one of the best games I have seen so far on Kongregate. But unfortunately (or luckily ;) ), as most flash games, this can be hacked as well... There are 3 badges and a challenge for this game. The challenge and the first two badges are quite easy to accomplish without a cheat, however, the hard badge is rather impossible to achieve, unless you're a freak. :-)

Anyways, the achievements are:

As for this game, a walkthrough would be useless, this time, it is a hack that I'm presenting you with. There's a link at the bottom of this post. It's gonna take you to a YouTube video and you will have all the badges and the challenge completed by one single game. Once you have changed the specific variable in Cheat Engine, you may simply click anywhere you like on the map, you will always have a strike. Good luck and have fun!

Globetrotter XL video