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Monday, March 2, 2009

Battalion: Nemesis

It's an RTS game and an entertaining one. Although graphics are quite simple (of course, you can't expect graphic detail of, say, Red Alert 3 in a flash game ;) ) and there isn't much funcionality in the game, I think it is a really fun game.

There are a few badges and two challenges as well, one of them is an entry for a sweepstake. Now getting the challenges and the first two badges are easy enough, though the hard badge could take quite some time. Current badges are:

The video on how to cheat is at the bottom of this post. Note, that cheating is only possible with the money (or at least as far as I know), but that should be more than enough... If your enemy can not repair nad/or make new units, it should be an easy go. Have fun!

Battalion: Nemesis cheat

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