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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A**holes and such

Hi all,

I understand there are many of you that completely s**k at life and you have nothing better to do, than unleashing your frustration on this site. I don't care. But despite the fact that you're talking in a way as if you were completely against walkthroughs, hacks and what not, I know that you are all using them, once there is a game that you can't beat. You want those badges too, so you'll all end up using cheats and walkthroughs. And if not, why do you care if others do? Does it hurt you in any way? Nope. Is it any of your business? Nope. So fuck off!

FYI, IP addresses visiting the site are recorded, so is what you do and what are you viewing. If the only reason why you come here is to post trash and spam the Shoutbox by telling us how frustrated you are, so be it, I don't mind IP-banning anyone who does that. So keep that in mind. I already have banned a few IPs, all of them were static IP addresses, so they won't be able to visit the site any longer.

For those visiting this site for the walkthroughs and hacks, have fun and good luck at Kongregate!


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