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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bible Fight hack

It's a stupid game, but there are badges (80 points in total).

I still need to figure out how to hack the 2nd hard badge (beating Satan in tournament mode/2 perfect), I will update this post once I found the solution.

You'll need to have Cheat Engine 5.5 for this hack, you can download it via the link in the sidebar.

Video link is at the bottom of the post, but you might wanna read through the post for all the info. ;-)

The value of your full health bar is 100 (100*8=800), so this is gonna be the first value you scan for once the first rounds' screen loads up. Once the scan finished, immediately change the 'Scan type' to 'Decreased value' and wait until you get damaged by your opponent. Then switch back to Cheat Engine and click on 'Next scan', do this until you are certain to have found the right value, then add it to the bottom part of CE by double clicking it and freeze it by ticking the checkbox. Then you can doubleclick the 'Value' and change it back to 800, so that you'll have a full health bar again.

NOTE: The game calculates your score based on the remaining time and health when your opponent is beaten, so as soon as your opponent falls, quickly switch back to CE and untick the checkbox next to the frozen value. Wait until the second round starts and your health is again back at 800 and tick the checkbox again to freeze the value.

You will have to do the above for every level (opponent) in the game.


Youtube video

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